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Wed, 22 Nov 2017
New device guarantees safety for thousands of partying matrics

Parents of thousands of matriculants set to descend on Durban for the annual Rage Festival next month should not worry about their safety, organisers say.

This thanks to a new high-tech armband, which will store their personal information, including contact details for parents in case of an emergency.

The festival will take place in Durban, Umhlanga and Ballito, from December 2 to December 9.

That will be few days after the end of their matric exams on November 28.

Howler™ is a platform that is used by event organisers to consolidate event planning, promotion, management and financial control.

Their armband will not only store crucial information but also act as a wallet as part of the “pay with a tap” concept giving patrons cashless access to 100 taxis and an array of restaurants and service providers.

The device will also act as a ticket for matriculants, who are referred to as Ragers.

“Cashless is not new at these festivals, but the fact that these armbands now capture parents’ personal information, which organisers can access easily if there’s a problem, is.

“We want to give mum and dad peace of mind. If something goes wrong, they will know immediately.

“We started testing the concept at Rage 2016, and after a very successful run we decided to roll it out across the entire festival – giving thousands of students a safe and seamless, 100% cashless experience” said Howler chief executive Shai Evian.

The armbands operate through Howler’s radio-frequency identification technology, which uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.

The tags contain electronically stored information.

When Ragers receive their Howler armbands, their profiles are linked with their pre-purchased Rage passports, and it is during this process that their personal identifying details are synced with their armbands.

Since its inception in 2005, Rage Festival has grown from 500 attendees to more than 30 000 matriculants celebrating the end of their high school years, organisers said.

Organisers believe that the armband will make it “the biggest, safest and most-progressive cashless event in South Africa”.


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Mon, 30 Oct 2017
Just tap for food – UberEATS now in Durban

There is no better way than having your favourite meal delivered right to your door, at home or at the office. No more wasting time in the kitchen or at the shops as UberEATS has finally arrived in Durban.

UberEATS is an online meal ordering and delivery service powered by Uber. It partners with the best local restaurants in dozens of cities around the world to get people the food they want delivered faster.

The service operates in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria and Stellenbosch, where it has proved popular. UberEATS, which was launched in South Africa, earlier this year, has finally added Durban to it’s list. It was launched this week at the Botanical Gardens.

In Durban, the app works in the CBD, Durban North, uMhlanga, Morningside and the Ballito areas, and the restaurants include: RocoMama’s, Afro’s Chicken, Bombay Blu, Pop-Up Society, Spiga D’Oro, Silverani’s, McDonalds, Kauai and KFC.

“Durbanites love food so we are excited to expand to the city as we know they have been waiting in anticipation. “We look forward to making life more tasty, accessible and more convenient,” said the general manager for UberEATS Middle East and Africa, Nic Robertson.

“The app gives diners access to whatever they like with benefits of customised orders. From sushi to doughnuts or burgers, we’ve got more than 69 cuisines customers can choose from across Durban, Gauteng and Cape Town.

“Restaurants can tap into the UberEATS delivery network to expand their businesses and reach a new network of customers.

“Delivery partners have access to even more flexible earning opportunities.”

But what about restaurants with existing delivery services? Speaking to managers of some of Durban’s restaurants and fast food outlets and asking if they will be joining UberEATS, a Debonairs manager said it would not be joining as it is fully covered and satisfied with the delivery system it is using.

Nando’s manager Jared Neil said it would also not be joining UberEATS as it saw no use of it because Nando’s already uses another popular food service, Mr Delivery.

UberEATS says it delivers across 1 422km2, has more than 35 000 different items to choose from, and takes an average delivery time of 33 minutes.

First time users around Durban can use the code “HELLODURBS” to enjoy free delivery for three orders, valid for two weeks.


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Wed, 18 Oct 2017
Deputy Minister Mahambehlala inspires learners to aim high

Communications Deputy Minister Tandi Mahambehlala has urged learners at Masiyile High School in Khayelitsha to aim for the stars in the upcoming National Senior Certificate examinations and not let circumstances get in the way of their success.

The Deputy Minister said this when she visited the school in the Western Cape on Tuesday to hand over sanitary towels to girl learners.

“We are coming here today 12 days before the matriculants write their exams.

“This is one of the schools that has produced great learners with distinctions in matric in previous years. Now our responsibility here, as legislatures, is to ensure that we strengthen the work that the teachers are doing in different schools,” she said.

The Deputy Minister’s visit comes at a time when several fundraising initiatives from various sectors of society are underway to ensure that a girl child, especially those from schools in poor communities, receive sanitary products to ensure that they are not absent from school.

When she arrived at the school, the Deputy Minister addressed learners, encouraged them to work hard and do well in the upcoming exams, before handing out sanitary towels to girl learners who appeared to be jubilant.

She also promised that she would give top performing grade 12 learners smart mobile devices – from iPods, iPads to laptops.

The Deputy Minister said sanitary towels were important in helping a girl child to stay in school.

“Now today we are specifically here to give a girl child a sanitary towel because a sanitary towel for us as government [means] dignity and it is a necessity. We have discovered that some of the girls stay away from school when they are [on their period].

“It is either because they don’t have a sanitary towel or they just don’t want to be embarrassed to come to school in that situation.”

The Deputy Minister said it was important for government to ensure that it provides for the disadvantaged, particularly poor communities.

“This is one of the schools that were engulfed with criminal elements and gangsterism at some point. If we come here more often and encourage these learners – boys and girls – they will see the meaning of education that as a young person, [he or she is] the future of the country.”

She said the learners must get to a point where they realise that they need to educate themselves to “ensure that [they] acquire education at some time because education is very important for all South Africans.”

The Deputy Minister also told learners to never stop learning and studying to broaden their horizons. She told learners that while she had ministerial duties, she continues to study towards her Master’s Degree at the University of the Western Cape.

She said she identified with some circumstances that surround them in Khayelitsha because she grew up in the nearby Philippi township under the care of her poor mother, who was a domestic worker. She said that didn’t stop her from achieving what she set out to achieve.

After the handover of the sanitary towels, several girl learners expressed their gratitude.

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